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Hi Racers
It may come as no surprise to anyone following the recent record flooding levels in Wollombi, that after much consideration and inspection of the damage and potential for future damage to property/fields, tracks and 'riders', we have decided to cancel this year's event planned for 3 Sept. To say we are 'gutted' is a major understatement. Alas the hits keep coming. 

For clarification, the main issues are:                                                    

  1. The Wollombi Tavern was extensively damaged. See above!!  The grounds are still very wet. Even with good weather leading into the event, due to the soaked soil, the chance is that any rain just before the event will derail any plans. Likewise, the camping and parking will be limited or impossible. 
  2. The Finchley track had a land slip on the steep section (yes the fun bit!!)  which makes the long loop very dangerous. It is unlikely to be repaired in time. There is also potential for further landslip and or trees coming down due to soaked soil. 
  3. Yango Creek Rd causeways are deep and full of very cause gravel, which is not idea for mountain bikes. There are also multiple soft sections along the flat valley section.
  4. The Moore's Road section (the other big fun hill)  has a major 'wash away' and would require major repairs. 
  5. Undercliff back paddock is extremely wet and potentially unusable with any further rain. 

Property owners have been very generous, however cumulatively there are too many issue. 


Thanks to our existing entries, ongoing sponsors, property owners and supporters around Wollombi. 
Please visit Wollombi soon and support this wonderful community. 
We plan to stage the event again on 2 Sept 2023. We hope you can make it. 
All current entries can either choose to:
  1. Transfer to 2023 (you do not need to do anything) or 
  2. Request a refund ( we will process every few days. We are getting very good at doing refunds!!) 
    1. Email requests to paul@hevents.com.au 
We hope you keep riding. We will be assisting Westpac Rescue Helicopter stage a charity MTB ride at Lovedale in the Hunter Valley called Ride for Rescue on Sun 30 Oct 2022.  Check it out below. Unfortunately we cannot transfer value to that event as it is managed by the charity. 
 For questions call or email @ 0249348138, paul@hevents.com.au
Thanks for sticking with us in tough times!
A big thanks to the community and property owners of Wollombi. Also thanks to our major sponsors Quarry Mining and supporting sponsors Wollombi Tavern, Undercliff Winery and Ted's Bike Shop. In particular thanks to the Laguna Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade for their ongoing support. 


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Posted by: Paul Humphreys
2 August 2022

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