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THANKS FOR ENTERING THE CITY OF NEWCASTLE MARATHON AND HALF MARATHON EVENT 2023, to be held Sunday 16th April. We look forward to welcoming you to Newcastle. With the continuing improvements to the City's foreshore and infrastructure, the event is shaping up to be another great event for Newcastle and the Hunter. This is update number 2 of 3 you will receive, so please take a few minutes to read below or pass onto anyone you entered into the event. Note 
  1. Start times for Sun 16 April are:
    1. Marathon - 6.00am
    2. Half marathon - 9.00am


Thanks to our naming rights sponsor the City of Newcastle for their support of events in Newcastle.  
A big thank you to our sponsors Hunter Valley Orthodontics, Marathon Tyres, The Newcastle Herald and The Athlete's Foot. Please support our sponsors where you can. 
Hunter Valley Orthodontics continues to strive for excellence in orthodontic treatment and service to patients. They are sponsors of the 2K4Fun, which is open to any age. 
Since 1970, Marathon Tyres has been working towards excellence in the mining industry, as well as the construction, industrial, military and port sectors, supplying multiple leading brands, complete tyre management, tyre service and tyre repair. 
The Newcastle Herald is the most trusted source of local news in the region. 

Visit The Athlete's Foot on Race weekend for some extra speed!



We offer scaled refunds up to 2 weeks out. After that period we do not refund or transfer to later events (as this is the same as refunding). This is because all infrastructure have been booked and costs have been expended by this time. If however you wish to transfer your entry to another person please note the following steps to either check and or change your entry. All changes done on the system will incur a $10 fee. You cannot cancel your entry in the changes system. Our normal refund policy is now in place regarding cancelations, however confirms https://hevents.com.au/refund-policy/
If you wish to check your entry or transfer your entry to another person , the person who made the entry can log into their account using the email address they used and make the changes by going to the Entry Page
https://theautomatedclub.com/HEvents/Enter/newcastlemarathon  and clicking the Changes Button down the bottom right hand corner (as in the attached picture). If you have forgotten your password or never set one, just click Forgot Password. You need to use the email address you used to set up the account.
Note the Half Marathon is full and we can no longer swap people over to that distance, however they can swap the entry to another person.  
If you have issues, please send an email to paul@hevents.com.au

Race Details - Event Compound - Race Kit collection

Both events finish on Market St Lawn (old rail line park), opposite Queen Wharf on Wharf Rd Newcastle. This is the registration pack and medal collection area and also the start and finish for the marathon and half marathon.
  1. Late Entries, Race Kit and Shirt collection can be done EITHER Saturday or Sunday. We strongly recommend Saturday.  Please bring your phone. 
  2. If you wish to collect another persons race kit, please bring a written authority to collect the race kit and note the collection process needs below.  You will need the code from them or the letter. We will not randomly hand out race kits! 
  3. Race Kits Saturday (the day before the event) We strongly suggest that if you can, pick up your race kit on Saturday (the day before the Event).
    1. Competitors in both events should attend the Registration Marquee in Market St Lawns off Wharf Rd Newcastle (Near Queens Warf) from 10.00am to 4.00pm.  
  4. Race Kits Sunday (race day) Race kit pick up will be from Registration Marquee in Market St Lawns off Wharf Rd Newcastle (Near Queens Warf). Allow plenty of time if you want to pick up your race kit on the morning. 
    1. Marathon race kit pick up from the Registration Marquee in Market St Lawns off Wharf Rd Newcastle from 5.00am. Marathon Starts 6.00am 
    2. Half Marathon at Registration Marquee in Market St Lawns off Wharf Rd Newcastle from 7.00am. Half marathon starts 9.00am

Our COVID SAFE Race Kit collection process:

To minimise the contact points and improve speed of collection, when you arrive to collect your race kit we will ask you to use your phone to retrieve your entry via the following system: 
  1. Scan a QR CODE near the tent. These are on an A frame board. 
  2. Input the phone number or email that you used when you entered.
  3. You will receive a code.
  4. Input the code on your screen.
  6. Confirm.
  9. You will be given you race number, timing chips and race T-Shirt (if you entered by 26 March).
  10. Note if you recently transfered an entry, you wil need to go to the registration desk for your race number allocation. 
  11. We can look you up if this does not work for you.

Race Details - Course tips

With the constantly changing landscape of Newcastle, please note some points about the courses: 
  1. All events finish on Market St Lawn (old rail line park, opposite Queen Wharf). There is a light rail station 100m from the finish line. 
  2. Both events will be keeping right as a general rule. There is only one course for both events. Everyone is going the same direction. 
  3. Start line for the Marathon and Half Marathon are all on the southern side of Wharf Rd at Queens Wharf, heading east.
  4. Start times are:
    1. Marathon - 6.00am
    2. Half marathon - 9.00am
  5. Pacers - with a looped course will only have a limited number of pacer groups. These are below. 
  6. Note the marathon course has had a small change since 2022. Just before the 5km mark as you come off the break wall section, you will turn right and then 100m later another right turn into Pasha Way and then a quick right toward the beach car park and then a quick left, to run along the Super Cars course through Camp Shortland and Horseshoe Beach.You will then run back  and turn left onto Wharf Rd and continue west back to Queens Wharf. You only go into this section once per lap. 
  7. Course run anti-clockwise. The map is available on the websiite or click below. 

AIMS Certified Marathon and Half Marathon

With the course being a 4 or 2 loop course we have both the Full and Half Marathon accredited. 

Timing Chips and Bibs 

Timing chips will be attached to your race bib number, but are worn on your shoe. They are separate and reusable. The bib should be attached with supplied pins to your shirt on the chest. You must unpack the timing chip and wear it on your shoe (connected with the shoe lace). See diagram below. If you do not have laces please ask for a cable tie at the registration table. Note NO chip = no race time. The chips need to register over the purple mats at the finish and split points. 

Getting to your start on Race Day 

The finish for both events is Market St Lawns opposite Queens Wharf on the Foreshore, off Wharf Rd Newcastle. 

Parking or Rail

We strongly recommend using public transport to get to the event...HOWEVER, for the early races this is not very practical due to Light Rail times. A few points:
There is FREE car parking on corner of Hannell St and Honeysuckle Drive. This is just 230m to the Light Rail interchange, which has the first service at 5.15am. It is just 10 min to the event site. Otherwise you can make a 2km walk up to the start line. 
Light Rail timetable is here https://newcastletransport.info/plan-your-trip/light-rail-old/  You will need to get off at the Queen Wharf station. There is paid parking at Honeysuckle in Wright Lane and also at the parking station in Argyl St. 
You can access Wharf Rd from the CBD via a crossing point near Market St. 

Bag Security / transport

We will have a secure bag area at the Registration at the Market st Lawns start/finish line, however we DISCOURAGE you bringing any major items. Just the basics. 


Drink Stations

There are drink stations are at 2.2km, 4.9km, 6.2km and 8.2km and the start/finsh at 10.5km for each lap. There will be water and electrolyte on all stations. For runners that require special electrolyte we suggest leaving your special needs at the Queens Wharf Drink Station for collection. You will need to shout out in advance on race day to get what you need. 

First aid

We have a professional paramedical team on hand at this event including mobile units around the course. Just let a marshal know if you need attention. 


There are toilets at the start/finish (Market St Lawns) and also Nobbys. You must leave and enter the course at the same point when using the toilets

There are pacers groups in the marathon for 3.00hrs and 3.30hrs. However with the 10.5km loop course we ask everyone to be conscious of passing runners. Please do not have airpods so loud that marshals and or runners cannot ask you to move over. We have km markers on each km for the first lap. After that...do the sums. 


Running and Surf Clubs on the JOB

With the event running straight past Nobbys Beach, we have Nobbys Surf Life Saving Clubs helping and they are using the event to raise funds for their club. Likewise Newcastle Rowing Club and other social and sports Clubs. Thanks to all our friends in the running/sport community.  


With our marathon taking up to 6 hours, we will need a few extra volunteers this year. Be involved and earn discount vouchers to other H Events. 
Register your interest  on the volunteer sign up button on the entry page HERE

Sick of putting holes in your shirts for race bibs? 

Check out these little magnets that are almost magical, as they connect your bib to your shirt. They are seriously strong magnets that let you connect your bib to your shirt! 




What a delicious coincidence, that our NewRun event aligns with Newcastle Food Month in April.

You can check out a whole range of great events throughout the month, but you might particularly want to have a peek at the Plate Date program. Basically – a meal, and a beverage for an amazing $25pp, with some great offers around the City for your post event brunch or lunch.

Otherwise our race finishes straight across the road from one of the best Seafood Restuarants in Newcastle. If you are looking to reward yourself after a hard run....maybe check them out for Lunch. Please let them know you are from the event. 

Your local team

From the team at H-Events - Thanks for racing with us in Newcastle! We are a small but passionate team of event organisers who love running and love Newcastle. We rely on a wonderful team of local suppliers, crew and volunteers to make the event happen. We hope you enjoy the experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email. hanne@hevents.com.au


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Posted by: Paul Humphreys
11 April 2023

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