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Update  - 2 of 3 - Note - Start time changes. 
Thanks for entering. Check this mail out and feel free to contact us via phone or email for any questions. We live and race in Maitland. We live it... and love it, and look forward to see you racing here soon. Call or email @ 0249348138, paul@hevents.com.au 
Entries filling fast. Limited entries available!!
With COVID event restrictions requiring us to limit the number of participants, we are currently 80% full. If your friends or family have been putting off entering, we suggest they do not delay. We have a strict limit of 350 runners. We have finisher medals for 350 runners. Entries close when we sell out. NO RACE DAY ENTRIES!!
Thanks for sticking with us. 
As a local Maitland business, at H Events, we appreciate dealing with local businesses that understand how important it is to give back to the community. Our major sponsor River understands the importance of an active and healthy community. They are also constantly planning for the future. Fortunately with the renovation of their new office, River have heavily invested in technology. This provides them with the ability to allow some staff to work from home if needed, properties to be advertised and viewed through digital portals and social media platforms and they even have online auctions! At River, it’s business as usual and they are always available to their community wherever needed.
Thanks to our supporting sponsors
Course Information

Pre /Post Event - and Spectators

It pains us to say that for this year, to comply with Health Orders, we need to ask that you Arrive, Race/Recover and Leave. A few notes:

  1. Remember that we must limit the number of spectators in our event area, in particular at the start when all competitors are marshalled. This wil require spectators to move away from the start areas and congregate away from the main area.
  2. Everyone MUST at all times socially distance and masks are welcome but not mandatory. We have COVID marshals who will monitor this.
  3. The runners can be viewed from the main street or River area, but please give way to runners. There are lots of cafes and shops to visit. 
  4. There will be no formal mass presentation of awards. Awards can be collected from the admin area as our results are confirmed. This is likely to be about 20 min after you have finished. 
  5. Finisher medals are available at the finish line. 
  6. Results will be live at http://heventstiming.racetecresults.com/StartPage.aspx?CId=16596​


Course Information

The 4km loop will start running north and once again turn right at the Imperial Hotel and head around the back of the buildings until it meets the top of the River Foreshore footpaths and heads along the top until it meets the lower path. The course then heads along the lower path until Sempill St and returns to the top path and  to a turn point near Hunter St and back to the ramp leading to Cathedral St. The course then turns right back into High St and back to the start. A  lap chute will be created. The loop is again 4km and makes the distances a neat 4, 8 and 12km. The Half Marathon will this year run East for 550m from the start and return to complete 5 laps of the above course. The Mile uses a similar route with different start near the post office and does not use the lower part of the river paths. 

Race Times - Sunday 1 Nov 2020

(changed recently due to expected warmer weather)  

  1. 5.30am         Race office opens at The Levee, Riverlinks, Bulwer St Maitland  
  2. 6.30am         Half Marathon starts 
  3. 8.30am         River 12km run event
  4. 9.45am         Multiplex 8km run/walk event
  5. 10.30am       Maitland City Council 4km run/walk event
  6. 11.15am        River - Mile Sprint event
  7. 12.30pm        Event concludes. Sorry no presentation due to COVID


Where/when do I pick up my race kit?

Race Kits including your start BIB number, timing chip and free souvenir event shirts (shirts received only if entered by 19 Oct ) will be available on the following dates and  locations:

Saturday pick up not possible due to COVID.

Sunday pick up  (correction, previous email had wrong date)

Sunday 1 Nov  , 5.30am-10.45am , The Levee Riverlinks , Crn High St and Bulwer St   Entries  should be collected at least 45 minutes before race start times. There will be NO LATE ENTRIES. 

Kit collection by other people

We can allow a fellow runners to collect your kit. They must be in the race and or have photo ID or have written authority to collect your kit. We will not give your kit to anyone!

Where can I park and what roads are closed?

Please do not park on any part of the course. Road closures (listed below) will be in place from 6.00am -12.30pm at:

  1. The Levee (old) Mall in total from Elgin St to Bourke St
  2. High St from Bourke to Cathedral St (the roundabout near St Peters is open)
  3. High St on the river side from St Andrews St to Eglin St
  4. There will be NO RIGHT turn into High St from Church St
  5. Part of the river car park off St Andrews St will be closed along the backs of the shops
  6. Cathedral St will be closed in total
  7. The footpaths along the Levee will be busy, but are not closed, however please give way to runners

We suggest to park:

  1. K-Mart car park off Bulwer St
  2. River side car park off St Andrews St
  3. St Andrews St car park on the western side of High St
  4. Church St car park

What will be available at the aid stations?

There will be 2 aid stations on the course at 2km and 4km. Due to COVID this will need to be small unopened bottles of water. Please drink and dispose of the bottle in the bins around and past these areas. Sorry we cannot supply electrolytes on course. 

Please pass this information on to any team members or competitors who may not receive this email. 
More updates for entered competitors soon. 
Paul Humphreys
Event Director
H Events


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Posted by: Paul Humphreys
21 October 2020

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