Newcastle’s Festival of Running has many events on offer and if you have never tested yourself over 10km, then the Herald Hill2Harbour could be just the event for you. Here are 10 things reasons why:


1-IMPROVE FITNESS. Training for a 10km run requires getting lots of kilometres into the legs, which is bound to result in better cardiovascular fitness;

2-GET STRONGER. Certain strength training has proven extremely beneficial for runners. Add strength work to your training program to make you stronger and leaner than before;

3-ADD SPEED. Doing longer running can translate to faster times in your shorter runs;

4-TEST YOURSELF. If you have been doing loads of 5km runs and you have mastered them then now is the time to try something new. In fact, 5km will seem really easy after you have done a 10km race;

5-BEAUTIFUL SCENERY. The Hill2Harbour is possibly one of the most scenic 10k courses you will ever run. It follows the Newcastle coastline and harbour and can only be described in parts as breathtaking;

6-FEEL GOOD FACTOR. Crossing the finish line in a 10k event when you have only ever run shorter distances will mark an impressive accomplishment and result in a great sense of achievement, not to mention the great feeling of the race being over;

6-BRAGGING RIGHTS. Running 10km is definitely worthy of some bragging rights amongst friends, family and colleagues;

7-TO RUN FURTHER. Once you have mastered the 10km distance you can set your sights on running even further, which may have seemed totally unachievable before;

8-GOOD COMPANY. Encourage friends and family to do it with you and you will get to spend countless hours with them in training;

9-ATMOSPHERE. Over 3500 people enter the Herald Hill2Harbour each year and turn points throughout the course allow for a supportive and encouraging environment;

10-THE HILL. The race starts with a 1km trek up Memorial Drive. Conquer this and you will feel on top of the world, literally!

Posted by: Paul Humphreys
12 February 2015

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