Organisers of company teams tell us that getting their people together to achieve the shared goal of training for, and participating in, an outdoor event brings about a wealth of benefits that hours of workshops and corporate planning sessions often fail to deliver.

These include benefits to every individual such as improved fitness and mental wellbeing, stronger colleague relationships, and an opportunity to engage with some team members they do not usually interact with in the workplace. Employees who may hold back from entering the race for various reasons, can still get involved through other supporting activities such as cheer squad, photography, blog writing, fundraising (many company teams align their participation with their chosen corporate charity).

The beneficial impacts of team participation to the company itself include increased brand awareness, both as a service provider and as an employer. A corporate team being announced as they assemble at the starting line not only stirs emotions but is also often a tangible representation of a company’s brand values.

Mutually beneficial are research findings including those by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showing employees that engage in regular exercise have reduced sickness, improved productivity, performance, and morale.

Our own experience has found that a team-based approach helps employers develop a health-focused company culture and invites individuals to get involved in their own way. An annual team event can instigate an ongoing training regime that enables more employees to join in, build confidence and prepare.

So, if you feel attaining some of these benefits would help improve your own workplace, please get in touch with us here at H Events. We present an annual calendar of outdoor participation sports events that are inclusive, safe, and family friendly. With nearly 30 years’ experience we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping companies fly their corporate flag and achieve their goals.

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Posted by: Hanne Humphreys
30 October 2023

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