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Event Update
Thanks for entering. 
This event is going ahead this Sunday 14 Nov at Newcastle
Check this mail out and feel free to contact us via phone or email for any questions. We live it... and love it, and we hope to see you racing here soon. Call or email @ 0249348138, 

Course Video below

Friends or Family running late. Send them this link to get them moving. Enter below. 
Event Information 
The event is being staged from Camp Shortland next to Nobbys Beach off Wharf Rd Newcastle, (not Foreshore Park, as previously advertised). The course is mostly unchanged and includes Horseshoe Beach carpark, Tug Berth Rd (next to Wharf Rd), The breakwall, Bather Way and Camp Shortland Park. Our mates at Nobbys Surf Life Saving Club will be on hand to guide you and we will have lots of barriers and cones around to make sure you get good access along the paths.
If you have been putting off entering, we suggest you do not delay. We have a strict limit of 500 runners. If you are looking to get one of the great finisher Hats and Finisher Medals, get in quick. 
You must be double vaxxed (U16 see info below) 
As per NSW Health Orders, all adults (except those with a valid exemptions) can race and children under 16 (not vaxxed) can also race if in the company of an adult (you don't have to race with them). Like all venues and events you will be asked to prove your double vax status, so please bring a phone or valid certificate with you. We hope to make this as easy as possible, so please link up your vax certificates to your NSW apps. Please be patient. 


The course starts on Camp Shortland just behind Nobbys Beach and runs from the Super Cars track north into Horseshoe Beach car park following a marked chute toward the harbour and then back towards Wharf Rd. Before Wharf Rd runners will turn right to follow the paths (blocked for runners only) and run onto Tug Berth Rd (which runs parallel with Wharf Rd) and runs to a turn point at the end of Tug Berth Rd and returns to Horseshoe Beach car park and runs around to the back of Camp Shortland and up onto the breakwall. Runners move to a turn point before the sea wall and return to the Nobbys area and run behind the Surf Club and left onto Bathers Way. A special chute for runners will be set up to avoid pedestrian conflict. Runners then run to a turn point before Newcastle Baths, then back to Nobbys and through the new playground at Camp Shortland to the finish. 

For course maps go to


Apart from the opportunity to race in a professionally staged event in Newcastle, you get the following goodies with your entry:

1.Souvenir Race Trucker Hat 

2.FINISHER medals!! for everyone who finishers. Distributed in the recovery area.

3.Race bib number

4.Electronic timing with live results. Note we use a reusable chip that you must return in the recovery area. This must be attached to your shoe.

You also get:

·One of the most picturesque courses in Australia.

·A traffic and pedestrian control plan 

·Medical services on site and mobile

·The best MC's in the business.

·Pre and post race communication.

·Donations made to local Surf Life Saving Clubs

·Drink stations.


Due to the lower maximum numbers race kit collection will ONLY be Sunday 14 Nov 2021 – from 6.30am until 15 minutes before your event start time at Camp Shortland near Nobbys.

Please bring your phone as we have a new COVID safe race kit collection process. If collecting for others you need written permission and photo ID for yourself. We suggest Team captains make the pick-up arrangements very clear to avoid collection or non-collection of kits.


Sunday 14 Nov 2021

1.8.00am - 10km start in waves

2.9.15am – 5km start in waves



1.Adult entrants will automatically be assigned to their respective age categories when entering their date of birth during the entry process. Ages are as on race day. Adult age categories are: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+.

2.Only children aged 12 years or older can be entered in the 10km run. Children over 8 -11 years can enter the 5km, however all children under 12 years should be accompanied by an adult walker/runner.

3.Strollers allowable in the walk however should start at the rear of the pack and stay to the left on the break-wall and paths.

4.Children will be entered into following age categories: 8-11, 12-13, 14-15 and 16-17.

Note: Special consideration will be given to experienced runners under 12 years of age. Please contact us for details on: (02) 4934 8138.


Computer timing chips will be distributed to each competitor. You must wear the chip on your shoe. It must be laced into the shoe. Please remember NO CHIP equals NO RESULT. Interim times will be available live on race time. PLEASE WEAR YOUR RACE BIB (race number) ON YOUR CHEST FOR THE ENTIRE RACE.



Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes in all age categories. Overall Male and Female winners are also awarded Trophies at the stage as soon as possible post race.


We will review this closer to the event If COVID restrictions are still in place winners and category prize winners can collect their trophies from the admin tent. Otherwise it will be around 10.45am at the finish.


We will have a secure bag area for bags. Please self label the bags. 


Due to the course change Wharf Rd will remain open all all time and parking is suggested to be in the Foreshore Park Car park off Wharf Rd just 300m to the start line. Also consider parking in the western end of Newcastle and taking the Light Rail to the event compound. You can alight at the Pacific Park station. Details here


ONLY ESSENTIAL SUPPORT CREW OR CARERS WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE EVENT AREA. EVERYONE MUST SIGN IN AND BE DOUBLE VAXXED!! Other spectators are welcome to line the course and finish area outside the competitor area. Under 16 yo children are allowed to participate when not vaxxed if they are in company of vaxxed adult.


If you can be self sufficient, we recommend this. We will however, offer drink stations using COVID safe practices.

There will be 2 Aid Stations on the 5km loop including the finish/lap area. ONLY bottled water is available at the end. These will all be self serve. Tables will be well spread out and if you are taking a drink please slow sufficiently to take the drink without disturbing the other drinks.

Look out for our volunteers from our Surf Life Saving and Running Club Volunteers.


Experienced and qualified medical personnel will be available at the start, on the course and finish Race Compound.


H Events welcomes all participants, and encourages active participation by all individuals in sports events. That said our recent experience of congestion along the break-wall of Nobbys, has lead us to the decision to not offer a specific wheel chair category in any of the events. We are happy to look at individual circumstances, and will endeavour to provide a suitably challenging course for competitors with special needs. Please contact us directly if you have any concerns or queries.


The event requires over 30 race crew from local Running, Social and Surf Life Saving Clubs. All organisations will be the recipients of donations or gifts for work with their projects. If you are interested in helping out, contact us at and we will put you in touch with the volunteer coordinator.


Results will be available live on race day. We will have a start and finish timing mat, so please self seed to avoid crowding at the start. All category prizes will, however be done off the gun time. Click here and look for Recovery Run Results after the event

Please pass this information on to any team members or competitors who may not receive this email. 
More updates for entered competitors soon. 
Paul Humphreys
Event Director
H Events


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Posted by: Paul Humphreys
12 November 2021

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