Fernleigh 15 - Sun 22 Oct 2023
Event Update - 1 of 2
This is our 1st update email for 2023 entrants. 
Check out the details below and feel free to contact us via phone or email for any questions.
Call or email @ 0249348138, paul@hevents.com.au
Thanks to Athlete's Foot for their support.
Visit their Super Store at Kotara HomeCo to collect your race kit from 1pm - 5pm Friday 20 Oct or Sat 21 Oct 9am - 5pm.
Family and friends entry reminder.
If you have friends or family looking to enter, perhaps remind them that they can still enter. Don't delay. 
The BLING is IN!! Finisher medals are GO!!


With recent weather being unseasonably warm, you may need to account for warmer than usual conditions for your run. We will of course assess the weather pre event, but given the timing, substantial shade along the course and regular drink stations, we are not expecting any issues as at today... (12 days out).  In warm conditions you should make sure you are well hydrated well ahead of the event day and stay alert to other runners and marshal directions. 


Start Marshalling - NOTE

The course is only 4m wide and the start area is very small and we will require strict adherence to the start marshalling plan to allow safe and orderly wave starts. Were possible, we recommend getting a lift to the marshalling area at the school. Each wave will be walked down from the school on a path and will be crossed at the traffic controlled crossing. Park Avenue is a busy road and you must obey the marshals instructions.

Course Information

The course is very simple to follow. Just follow the track from the start to the finish (with a short 108m out and back diversion at Cowllishaw St Redhead) We have never lost ANYONE!!  It starts on the Crn Bailey St and Park Avenue Adamstown and the FINISH line is in Gen St Belmont, next to the TAFE! 

Race day timetable 

  • 6.30am - Race Office Opens - St Pius X Park Avenue Adamstown
  • 7.45am – First wave marshalled to start via access footpath
  • 7.55am – First wave starts with next wave 5 minutes later. There are 5 waves in total
  • 8.10am – Registration office closes and car park is secured
  • 8:15am – Last wave starts and infrastructure is pulled down
  • 8.25am – First finisher finishes at Belmont
  • 8.30am - Infrastructure progressively pulled down along the course
  • 10.30am - The Fernleigh 1500 for children starts
  • 10.45am- Last competitor finishes


Waves are allocated to make the race starts and track congestion more managable. No matter what...your time will not start until you cross the start matts. You must wear your timing chip on your SHOE! Waves will remain as planned and will be approx 5 Min between them. Listen to the Mcee in the marshal area in St Pius X school grounds :
  1. Wheel chair athletes (if you already have your bib you can unload in Bailey St) 
  2. Elite and speedy runners being sub 4 min/km for males and sub 4.30 min/km for female runners. 
  3. Ages Junior to 35 years
  4. Ages 36-49 years
  5. Ages 50+
  6. Note we are assessing Pacers at the event as we are trying to avoid large packs forming on the track. We will report back in the next update. 
Fernleigh 1500m for Kids
Runners will marshal at the FINISH line at OLD Belmont Railway Station 10.15am. The start will be from near the Finish line and be an OUT and BACK course (different from 2022) at 10.30am. Please be on site by 10.00am and listen for instructions. Runners.... please hang around and cheer the children on!
Race Kit Collection - (changed from 2022) 

The race kits can be collected prior to race day as per below times OR on race morning. 

Collection times prior to race day at Athlete's Foot Super Store in Kotara HomeCo (see map below) are:

  1. Friday 1pm- 5pm
  2. Saturday 9am- 5pm

Collection times on race day at St Pius X school off Park Avenue:

  1. Sunday 6.30am - 7.45am
  2. Note: a left bag area will be available at St Pius and bags will be available at the FINISH LINE in the TRUCK . They are NOT taken back to the school. 

Please bring your phone as we have a new race kit collection process. Note (we can look you up if you have no phone!) If collecting for others, you need written permission and photo ID for yourself. We suggest Team captains make the pick-up arrangements very clear to avoid collection or non-collection of kits.


Parking on race day 

Limited parking will be available at St Pius X off Park Avenue (close to the small roundabout on Bailey St). You must remove your car by 12pm. If using street parking in the area, please DO NOT park in driveways. You can purchase a bus ticket for $10 for the return trip. If you did not do this during entry, visit the entry pack and you can buy a bus ticket as a seperate item. You will be given a ticket with your bib. We will also have a list on site. 

Kit collection process

As a function of COVID and to speed up the bib allocation process we now use a scanning system at registration collection. You will need a mobile phone. The Process is:
  1. Scan the QR code near the registration desk 
  2. Enter the mobile number you added to your entry when entering (or the person who entered you) 
  3. You will receive a code via email.
  4. Enter this code back in the first screen and you will be allocated a bib number with your entry details
  5. Show the check in person your number and race kit details (shirt size etc)
  6. You will be given your race pack
  8. If you have any difficulties please go to the queries desk. They can manually allocate your bib. 
We can allow a fellow runner to collect your kit. They must have the above details needed to collect your kit. We will not just give out your kit to anyone!

Transfering to another person

If you want to change your entry to another person you can do this on the entry system before you attend the race kit collection location. The Process is:
  1. Go to bottom right corner "change" 
  2. Log in . If you did not set a password just reset it
  3. You can transfer to another person. The system charges a $5 fee
  4. Follow the prompts

Race timing

Reusable shoe timing chips will be distributed to each competitor with your BIB. You must wear the chip on your shoe. It must be laced into the shoe or use a cable tie (we have some). Please remember NO CHIP equals NO TIME. Please return this before leaving the finish line. 


Results and Photos

Interim times will be available live on race day. PLEASE WEAR YOUR RACE BIB (race number) ON YOUR CHEST FOR THE ENTIRE RACE as Marathon Photos will be on site. Results will be available live on race day. Go to http://heventstiming.racetecresults.com  Remember due to the waves positions will change as people finish who may be in a later wave, but have a shorter 'net time'. 


Race presentation

Overall prizes will be presented once all place are filled and confirmed. This is expect to be around 9.30am. Age Category prizes will be presented once all places are filled and confirmed (subject to wave starts). This is expected to be around 10.45am. These medals can be collected on race day from the admin tent OR collect the medals at The Athlete's Foot Kotara Hone Centre from Tuesday 24 Oct or send a self addressed and stamped envelope to H Events PO Box 2251, Green Hills 2323.

Left bag area

There will be a secure BAG DROP area for runners at the Sunday marshaling area. These items will need to be collected from the EVENT finish area once the event is finished.

Aid stations and toilets

There will be 4 Aid Stations on the 15km course. These are located at:

1.Burwood Rd – 3.1km

2.Whitebridge – 5.2km – public toilets next to track

3.Cowlishaw Rd – 9.2km - public toilets next to track

4.Kalaroo Rd 11.8km

5.Both water and electrolyte at aid stations.

Look out for our volunteers from our local running clubs.

Toilets are available as above and at the registration and finish areas.

First aid

Experienced and qualified medical personnel will be available at the start, on the course and finish Race Compound.

Say thanks to our Volunteers

A big THANK YOU to our volunteers from Newcastle Runners, 530 Runners, Night Striders and Charlestown Rotary Club. They make the event possible and the events gives back. 

Please pass this information on to any athletes you may have entered who may not receive this email. We hope you enjoy the event!
Paul Humphreys
Event Director
H Events


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Posted by: Paul Humphreys
11 October 2023

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