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Government Rule change allows non regional riders to participate - We are go! No matter where you live. 
Well...a day is  long time in COVID. With no notice the Government has announced that as at Saturday 26 Sept participants from outside our region can participate in our community sport events. So if you still want to, you can still participate. We understand that many of you have changed your plans and if so we can still refund you. BUT if you want to race, you are back on the list! You do not need to do anything. Your original confirmation will be honored. If you have already been refunded, please contact us if you want to race. All COVID rules are still in place. Read the event update below. 
Check this mail out and feel free to contact us via phone or email for any questions. We are 'real' Hunter local people, not international corporations or interstate nomads. We live and race in the Hunter. We live it... and love it, and we hope to see you racing here soon. Call or email @ 0249348138, paul@hevents.com.au 
Thanks for sticking with us in tough times!
A big thanks to the community and property owners of Wollombi for allowing this event to continue in these complex times, albeit with a few changes. Also thanks to our major sponsors Quarry Mining and supporting sponsors Wollombi Tavern, Undercliff Winery and Ted's Bike Shop. In particular thanks to the Laguna Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade for their assistance. 
This event will implement a range of COVID SAFE practices to make sure we are all safe and also comply with current NSW COVID health orders. This will include the normal range of hygiene and social distances measure that we are all becoming used to in our daily lives. It also includes:
  1. Reduced start numbers and spectator limits. You will be asked to self seed and walk over the mats two by two with 1.5m between. 
  2. Arriving and leaving the event zone. You must enter via the car park or main gate ONLY. Do not enter from the Tavern side. 
  3. Please marshal in the upper paddock with 1.5m between riders
  4. Riders should avoid close contact at all times with other riders
  5. Only riders from greater Hunter, Newcastle and Central Coast can participate. 
Riders from who have visited or had contact with any potential cluster or infection zones should not travel to Wollombi and should not participate in the event. This is irrespective of your home address. These CURRENT zones can be seen at the NSW Health site https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updates#latest-covid-19-case-locations-in-nsw
This of course also applies to any person who is feeling unwell. 
If you wish to voluntarily withdraw from the event, please contact us on paul@hevents.com.au 
More COVID Safe Notes
This event must be COVID safe at all times. Please note:
  1. Sick or been in or near a HOT-SPOT or infection zone? – DO NOT ATTEND!
  2. Socially distance AND avoid any crowding
  3. Wash your hands
  4. Sign in on site. Bring only essential support crew. We have strict capacity rules. 
  5. Respect the small local village capacity and COVID rules
  6. DO NOT enter the Tavern groups from the event area. You MUST enter from the top area and sign in to enter the Tavern. You are welcome but must respect the COVID rules in place.
  7. Follow COVID or Event Marshals instructions at all times.
Start times
Start times are below, as we have lots of room, we are asking oyu to self seed in the upper paddock and then walk 2 x 2 across the timing mats. If you think you are a podium chance you are welcome to start in the first waves.  Please be careful. The start area is the same as 2019 (which is also the finish line in 2020) from the back paddock of Wollombi Tavern to the exit onto Yango Creek Rd. 

Wild Long Approx 64km - 8.00am (note earlier than usual) 
Wild Mid Approx 30km - 9.15am
Wild Short Approx 12.5km - 9.30am
Event Kit collection – Friday afternoon from 4-6pm or Saturday from 6.30 - 9.00am
Wollombi Tavern lower paddock, 2994 Great North Rd Wollombi (intersection with Wollombi Rd) as above. You must collect your registration kit at least 45 minutes before your race start. You must socially distance while lining up and marshalling.

On the lower carpark on the southern side of the Tavern. Do NOT park on Yango Rd. Parking may become difficult later in the day, but please respect the locals by NOT PARKING in driveways etc. DO not enter via the pub top entrance. You must enter the event via the car park entry or the main paddock entry gate.
Please do not use the Tavern toilets. There are some portaloos near the admin area at the bottom of the paddock and good quality public toilets 200m away in Slacks Park off Yango Cr Road. Please respect the COVID rules.  
EBike and Single Speed Category 
When you pick up your race kit, let us know if you are using an E-Bike or single speed. For E-Bikes we will of course put you in your own category. Single speed will be eligible for the overall and age category prizes but will have a separate category we will recognise.
Water refills on the course
With the course change there will be a drink station at:
  1. 23km into the 30km ride
  2. 23km and 54km into the 64kkm ride.
There will be 600ml new water bottles and you must self-serve and fill your bottle and then leave the bottle at the station.  We suggest you take 2 bidons if possible, for the 30 and 64km. For the 64km we also suggest taking some snacks and food. DO NOT litter!
Course marshalling
Laguna Rural Fire Service volunteers are assisting with the event at key points. We have communication with each marshal point. If you have difficulties, please ask for assistance at a marshal point. There is also a sweep vehicle with First aid is on hand.
Course Maps
Are available on the website. 
There has been substantial rain in recent months and plenty of water in the causeways!! The track handles a bit of rain so don't panic if we get some rain over the coming weeks.
Pre and Post event hospitality
We are sorry to say that our COVID planning means we can’t offer any pre or post event activities. This includes a presentation. You are welcome in the village, but if you intend to dine you should book. Also be conscious of the local shop capacity.
No Presentation
We cannot have an award ceremony this year. Overall and category winners can collect their trophies from the admin area and have ‘COVID safe’ photos taken.
Event Sponsors
Thanks to our event sponsors Quarry Mining, Ted's Bike Shop, Wollombi Tavern, and Undercliff Winery. 
A big thank you to the Wollombi property owners and community.

Just a quick tip. The course has a some great climbs and descents, please be responsible. There is also some sections which are rough and very uneven. You must pay attention to your grip and speed in these areas. 


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Posted by: Paul
25 September 2020

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