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Race Update No 2 of 3 - we ARE racing!!
This is an update email for those who have entered the 2021 event. We will be racing on Sunday 12 Dec . 
Check this mail out and feel free to contact us via phone or email for any questions. We live it... and love it, and look forward to see you racing here soon. Call or email @ 0249348138, 
The condition of the river has substantially improved since local flooding 2 weeks ago. After a number of monster king tides complicating the assessment, we are confident, that subject to a successful water condition result on Friday, that we will be swimming on Sunday. We are fortunate to have a high tide on race morning. We will however make a final decision on Friday afternoon. 
Wait list available 

Tell FRIENDS AND FAMILY that entries are SOLD OUT. 

We may get some withdrawals, so tell them to use the WAIT LIST if they are keen. 



The most recent change to the NSW Health order threw a small spanner in our original COVID Policy. In particular, as it might change before the 12 Dec! A few points:

  1. The new policy means that you must be double vaccinated for COVID 19 to participate in the event. 
    1. If you are double vaccinated you DO NOT need to show us a negative COVID test. On race day that will also include spectators in the event compound area. 
  2. Our previous policy allowed non double vaccinated people to participate if they could show us a negative test that is not more than 3 days old on event day. The new Health Order does not allow that.
    1. If you were planning to use point 2 to race, you can apply for a refund by Friday 26 Nov OR
    2. Wait to see if NSW reaches 95% double vaccinated, at which time the NSW Health order will change.'s complicated. 
  1. Our Race Day process will be:
    1.  If doing Saturday race kit pick up 1- 4pm 
      1. Arrive and check in using the NSW Health QR code - Keep that OPEN to show staff that you are vaccinated. You will get a wrist band to identify you as already checked for Sunday. 
      2. Then use the Registration QR code to find you race number:
        1. Scan the code
        2. Use the phone number or email address used to enter the event (YOU NEED ACCESS TO THESE)
        3. You will receive a code
        4. Enter the code 
        5. You will be shown the race number, shirt size if selected and Wave/Cap colour
        6. Show this to the Rego staff and they will give you the correct number etc
    2. Sunday Race kit pick up from 5.30am
      1. Arrive at the top of the Queen Wharf Rd (the only way in) 
      2. Show the COVID marshal your wrist band and walk in OR
        1. Check in and show the marshal the vaccination proof and you will be given a wrist band
      3. Then move to the Rego desk and go through the Rego process, point 1.1.2 above. 
  2. If you have any issues just go to the Changes DESK
  3. Due to a system error some people did not get asked their size for the free event shirt. We have purchased ample stock to cater for this. Just ask at the desk for your size.
Qualifying Race Status for Age Group Worlds

While the World Age Group Championships are no longer in Townsville, our Long and Sprint events are still qualifying events for the World Age Group Championships in Montreal and Abu Dhabi, however you need to contact Triathlon Australia before making any major plans. See info here

triathlon WC
We are also the NSW State Standard Distance Championships and Forager Greater Hunter Triathlon League Race. Time to step up for your Club!
We look forward to welcoming your Club to Morpeth. Current Club entries have Maitland just ahead of Newcastle, Central Coast and Tomaree. There are over 40 Clubs represented at this event. Please take the time to socialise (COVID safe of course) and enjoy the FRIENDLY COMPETITION!
Thanks to our sponsors and supporters for sticking with us in tough times!
Our continued gratitude goes to our major sponsor Quarry Mining for their on going support. Also thanks to Maitland City Council , Ted's Bike Shop, Hunter Valley Steel, Eyeline, Just Dig Deeper Coaching and our mates at Maitland Triathlon Club, TriNSW, East Maitland Rotary Club and Newcastle Surf Life Saving Club.  
Naming Rights Sponsor Quarry Mining is committed to promoting health and fitness within their team and will  'walk the talk' with a large staff team in the event. Quarry Mining  is looking forward to the event, which has created plenty of camaraderie within the team, led by example at the executive level. 
Thanks to Maitland Council
Maitland City Council recently bestowed funds from their Vibrant Cities Program to this event. We are proud to work with Maitland Council to promote and engage the community of Maitland. Thanks to the Councillors and Staff of Maitland City Council for assisting make this event a huge success. Check them out below. 

Race Kit Collection:

Race kits can be collected from 1pm - 4pm on Saturday 11 December OR from 5.30am on Sunday 12  December. Race admin is in the event compound as per below notes, at Queens Wharf Rd, Morpeth. (Morpeth Boat ramp). Saturday parking is on site, with Race Day parking along Tank St or Morpeth Rd early on race morning.  DO NOT PARK IN DRIVEWAYS!!!!

Relay Teams can be collected by one member, but all members must have signed the waiver, if someone else entered you. Individuals also need to agree and sign this form if you did not complete the entry online. 

Download Waiver

Event Compound Notes:

  1. Located at Queen Wharf Park (Morpeth Boat Ramp) off Queens Wharf Rd (opposite Tank St) at Morpeth. It includes:
    1. All admin, sport expo (small due to COVID)  and Club team tents
    2. Bike Compound
    3. Start and Finish lines. 
    4. Limited Food and Drinks due to COVID. 
    5. Everything is within 100m. 
  2. All parking is within the streets of Morpeth, early bird parking will be on Morpeth Rd or Tank St. Otherwise use High St. Do not park in front of driveways. DO NOT PARK IN SWAN ST. 
event compound

Relay Teams

  1. Relay team members will need to wait at the bike to swap the timing chip. Please:
    1. Only have one member waiting at the bike at any time
    2. Consider other competitors entering and exiting when you leave the area
    3. DO hang around the finish chute to join your mates for the finish. 
  2. Make sure you have signed the waiver if you did not enter yourself. 

Just Dig Deeper Swim Notes

  1. Recent flooding is expected to completely subside by Race Day. The water will be a bit cooler than normal due to the fresh water and we therefore expect a wetsuit swim. Of course, this needs to be confirmed by Technical Officials prior to the race. 
  2. Swim start is 6.45am for first wave of the Long Course event. Other events start at 7.05am for the Standard and 7.25am for the Sprint. There is only 1-2 min between waves. Waves will be all Male and Female/Teams for each event. You MUST tell us if swimming out of your wave. Swimmers must socially distance along the boat ramp when entering the water and also while marshalling along the start line.
  3. First turn buoy is half the distance of your swim. The course rule is to stay left out and left back.  
  4. Water quality is expected to be fine for swimming. 
  5. Water Temp is around 20 degrees C at the moment and likely to stay at this. This swim is expected to be wet suits optional if water stays at this temperature. A test will be done on the morning. 
  6. Newcastle Surf Life Saving Club are assisting with water safety. There will be IRB's and paddle boards in the water. The river is approx 70m wide. The shore is never more than 35m away. The swim is up and back clockwise.  See map
  7. The tide is high (1.4m) around 6.55am (but very hard to judge that far from the coast) therefore there will be very little tidal flow either way or potentially an assisting flow out and against flow on return. 
  8. After we finalise the water assessment on Friday we will announce our new swim course. 

Just Dig Deeper 

Local Life Member of Maitland Triathlon Club, triathlete and coach Pete Hodgson has always been a great supporter of this event. He now has a local coaching group that offers training sessions and planning in Triathlon or it's individual disciplines. He is also doing a few familiarity swims at Morpeth for anyone that is concerned about the river swim. Click the Just Dig Deeper logo to contact Pete. 
just dig deeper

Beginners to the 'best' racing

With the help of Quarry Mining and Just Dig Deeper we have some very special guests racing this year. Tim Berkel is a 4-time Ironman Champion and been top 10 in the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships. Also on the start line are professional triathletes including Levi Maxwell from Victoria, who is a solid performer internationally across 70.3 and full Ironman triathlons and also Courtney Gilfillan from Lennox Head, who has also been a top 10 performer in Ironman events over the past 5 years. Another pro Clint Kimmins will round out the professional field.  Local athlete from Lake Macquarie Chloe Hartnett is also lining up. Chloe took out the U21 World Championships in 2018 in QLD and 3 time National Champion over the 70.3 distance and is looking to cement her place in the World Rankings. 

Cycle Notes

  1. The start of the ride is a 100m rise. Start in the correct gear for this and also consider your shoes entry.  
  2. The course main is the best sections of Duckenfield and McFarlanes Rd . There are 2 climbs in each lap, but otherwise flat. 
  3. There are 8 traffic controllers and 10 cycle course marshals. Traffic interaction is mixed with a closed section through main street, open wide sections with some local traffic and skinnier sections with very limited traffic. You are granted right of way in some circumstances, but should always be conscious of potential conflict. The road is hard!!
  4. There is currently some road work being completed on Mc Farlanes Rd. Due to rain delays we are still waiting to see the final surface available for us to ride on at this section. The area will either be a no passing zone for the length (300m) or we may need to make an additional change to the course. We will inform you Friday. The course will be clearly marked. 
  5. Roads are country roads, with rough tar finish. If you stop pedalling, you wont go far!!. 
  6. This is a NON DRAFTING event. Technical officials will monitor this. 
  7. This year we will have a toilet on the corner of McFarlanes and Duckenfield Rd's. 
  8. There are no drink stations on the bike course. Emergency water is available at the village turn point, if you get desperate. We suggest you start with 2 bidons for the Long Course. 
cycle leg Maitland tri

Run Notes

  1. The course is very flat. 
  2. There is 1 drink station, on each 2.5km lap. This will have water and Powerade. 
  3. The toilets are very close to the run course. 
  4. The course is closed to traffic and is 55% new concrete path, 40% gravel road and 5% tar. The recent flooding did affect the gravel section, but we are doing our best to make repairs. 
  5. You will get plenty of support from the crowd!
run leg maitland tri
Planning next race? Come to the Island Tri !
One more update coming Friday evening for entered participants. Please pass on to relay competitors. 
For information email or call 49348138
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8 December 2021

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