Unfortunately the World Age Group Champs will not happen in Australia in 2022. They will likely be somewhere else in the World where they can get more competitors given the restrictions. We are, however, still a qualifier event, if you intend to travel next year. 

Given the flood of people wanting to canel their registrations, and in an effort to remain viable and fair, we will simply apply our normal refund as per our refund policy here. https://hevents.com.au/refund-policy/   , where you get 70% of the entry fee back. 
Given the current COVID circumstances, our preference would be that you take a credit to next year's race, however if you have no intention of coming to Maitland to race, just let us know and we will apply the above refund within a few days. 
Paul Humphreys, Event Director
H Events ,PO Box 2251 Green Hills 2323
M: 0409684246

Posted by: Paul
26 July 2021

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