Newcastle Community 5km

Course Information


The details of the course are:

    1.Start and Finish from Camp Shortland, Nobbys Beach, Newcastle

    a.Note: Runners always stay to the right of the marked course.

    2.Run 200m into the Horseshoe Beach Car Park and swing left along Horseshoe Beach Rd until Wharf Rd

    3.Turn right into Wharf Rd and follow Wharf Rd for 400m to a turn point at Watt St and return to Nobbys

    7.At Nobbys Rd roundabout runners will turn right and run up Nobbys Rd until a left turn into Fort Drive and continue until returning to Nobbys Rd

    8.At Nobbys Rd runners turn right onto Nobbys and then immediately right into Shortland Esplanade

    9.Runners run on Shortland Esplanade until a turn point and return to Nobbys

    10.At the roundabout runners will turn right and enter the Bathers Way and Break-wall until a turn point near the sea wall of the Harbour.

    15.Runners will return to the finish line at Camp Shortland via the top car parks and finish chute.