Traffic Changes - Sun 13 March 2022


Inaugural Stockton Triathlon Cycle Course Road Closure’s and Traffic Changes – Sun 13 Mar 2022 - 5.30am - 11.00am

Our Hunter based Sports Event firm, H Events, with the support of Stockton Community Group and Surf Life Saving Club are proposing (subject to final approval by City of Newcastle) to stage the inaugural Island Triathlon Festival from Fri 11 Mar to Sun 13 Mar 2022. The entrants will include elite, regular, novice, junior and athletes with a disability. (note; the swim and run events on the 11th- 12 Mar do not require any traffic changes, and will use harbour water and paths only).There will be volunteer opportunities for residents who would like to be involved. Contact Stockton SLSC for details.

Our planned road usage for the cycle leg on Sunday 13 Mar 2022 5.30am – 11.00am

The cycle leg of the Triathlon is planned to start and finish on the western end of Griffith Park off Griffith St/Hunter St. A detail draft map is available here . Note major points:

    1.Traffic changes would be Sunday 13 March 5.30am – 11.00am. We would request where practical to have no parking on the course.

    2.Cyclists would be on the left side only, except in Stone St, where they will be on the right-hand side heading east.

    3.Access into and out of Stockton would always be possible, via an internal crossing at the intersection of Dunbar and Stone St’s. There would be short delays during busy cycle leg times between 7.00am and 9.30am

    4.Safe pedestrian access to the Ferry Terminal would be via a crossing point near the General Washington Hotel

    5.Access to the northern boat ramp near Booth St is always possible.

    6.Most residents would have full access in and out of their driveway, however those directly on the course will have differing levels of disturbance, see below.

    7.Some houses will require escort to cross the cycle lane and or need to park in a side street to access vehicles on foot during the event.

    8.There would be various amended access situations in the following locations:

    a.Hunter St - West of General Washington Hotel, street numbers 22-74 – Restricted access during the event. Park side closed. Only access with event traffic escort.

    b.Punt Rd – Restricted access during the event. Only access with event traffic escort

    c.Fullerton St – northbound lane closed from Punt Rd to Stone St

    i.South bound lane open. No access across course.

    d.Stone St – West bound lane closed from Fullerton St to Mitchell St

    i.East bound land open. No access across course.

    e.Dunbar St and Stone St intersection – traffic control giving riders right of way. Vehicles crossing access when gaps free.

    f.Mitchell St – south bound lane closed from Stone St to Clyde St

    i.North bound lane open. No access across course.

    g.Clyde St – East bound lane closed from Mitchell St to Pitt St (note correction from initial notice)

    i.Westbound lane open for exit with event traffic escort. No access across course.

    h.Pitt St - South bound lane closed

    i.North bound lane open for exit with event traffic escort. No access across course.

    i.Wharf Cres – Westbound lane closed

    i.East bound lane open for exit with event traffic escort. No access across course.

    j.If the event proceeds we will issue the traffic escort contact number to affected residents.

    k.Emergency access for First Responders will always be possible

    l.Special arrangements can be accommodated with sufficient notice for affected residents and businesses.

We are really looking forward to creating a major healthy active and fun event for Stockton. We would appreciate if you could let us know if you have any concerns or objections to this plan by emailing me on or feel free to call or text me on 0409684246.

To keep up to date on the development of the event go to

Regards, Paul Humphreys, Event Director