General COVID Changes to events

The following are some of the changes we will need to make at upcoming events:

    1.Participant numbers will be capped to comply with gathering rules. Enter early.

    a. So far as possible, we will offer refunds or transfers for entries if the event does not proceed due to increased restrictions.

    2.No-one who is unwell and or from COVID 19 'hot-spots' should attend the event.

    3.Social distancing is required (staying 1.5m apart), when gathering at the event.

    4.Event areas will be clearly marked with entry and exit points.

    5.We need to know who is at the event, therefore:

    a.You will need to bring your race bib and or confirmation email. Otherwise you will be asked to sign-in digitally or in writing.

    6.Please limit support crew to a minimum number.

    7.Start and finish areas will be strictly monitored for 'social distancing' and COVID safe behaviour.

    8.Start areas will be for ‘soon to start’ competitors. Others should spread out around the allocated areas.

    9.Distinct waiting precincts will be set up and communicated in advance.

    10.Starts will be done in groups. We will announce these in advance. There will be open/elite start groups who are aspiring over winners. Please no pushing etc, your time will start when you cross the line. Apart from overall winners, performance will be judged and awarded on net times. Your time from start to finish. In short….go hard!

    11.Drink stations will be limited to self-serve. Drinks will be spread out on the tables. Please slow down to select a drink or bring your own.

    12.Once completed we will ask you to leave the area as soon as practical. In particular if the finish area becomes crowded.

    13.Awards will be made available for overall male/female winners straight away on the admin/stage area. Age category prizes will be mailed to winners. Results are usually live, however with a net time we must wait for all category participants to complete before we can be sure who is the winner.

    14.There should be no group finisher photos if you are not family members living together.

    Race specific changes may also be added for each event. Please pay attention to each event news item sent out pre-event.


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