There are several corporate titles up for grabs in this year’s Triathlon (Business and Finance; Government Agencies; Emergency Services or Military; Health and Sport Services; Construction and Industry; Mining and Mining Services; and Food, Tourism and Hospitality) and several reasons why businesses should enter teams in order to improve workplace productivity. These include:

1-      TEAM WORK/CAMARADERIE. Training together/hurting together can bring your employees closer. Training and competing as part of a team is also great for leadership, self-esteem, confidence and positive workplace communication.

2-      HAPPIER EMPLOYEES. Exercise has been proven to improve mood, promote better sleep patterns and de-stress the mind, which can only be a good result for employers.

3-      RESPECT. Earn new-found respect for your workmates and your boss by sharing blood, sweat and tears in training and on race day. This will translate in the office to a more harmonious workplace environment.

Posted by: Paul Humphreys
14 November 2016

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