The new year generally coincides with making a heap of resolutions regarding your health and how you hope to improve it. But a high percentage of people never achieve their goals because they are unable to stay motivated. Entering an event is a great way to ensure you keep working towards your goals, and here are three reasons why:


You are more likely to stay committed to your health and fitness goals if you are training towards an event. Get a diary, write down your short and long-term goals, then use it to plan and document a training program for an event you have coming up;


Your fitness levels are bound to improve if you are training for an event. For example, you have plenty of time until the Newcastle CityTriathlon and NewRun. Entering either of these events will guarantee you weeks of training that you might not otherwise do;


The feeling of accomplishment when you finish an event is indescribable – you might even find yourself hooked.

14 November 2016

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