Pounding the pavement is great but it can become tiresome, so why not take on a new challenge this year and hit the sand. Sand running is gruelling, yes, but sand running is also rewarding. And here are three reasons why you should give it a go:


We are spoiled for choice where scenery is concerned in Newcastle and running along one of our pristine beaches should be considered a privilege;


Sand running works your body harder than road running. Running or walking in soft sand is good for strengthening the muscles around your joints – they have to work harder to stabilise your joints because of the unevenness and softness of the terrain. It is therefore a great cardio and strength workout and is also good training for road running – 3km on the sand will feel like 6km on the road, so a road run after a few sand sessions will feel easy!


It is good to challenge yourself and sand running will do just that. It is a test of stamina and a test of character. Competing in and conquering the Big Beach Challenge will entitle you to some serious bragging rights as a hard-core athlete.

21 January 2015

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